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LETTERS TO Patient Care Advocates

"Words cannot express the feelings we have for you all. From the first phone call [we] made, speaking with [you], we knew we were in good hands. And then our meeting with [your nurse] and on to each and every one of the caregivers assigned to mom’s case. It takes a special gift to do what you all do, and you have that gift. You were not only there for mom every step of the way, but were there for us as well."

"You always had enough good people to staff, particularly in an extremely difficult environment. You’re in the people business and it’s all about the people. As they say in sports, the players make a good coach, but it’s the coach who selects the players.” J. Westwater

I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for your services. The rehabilitation facility was performing no services whatsoever until your team stepped in to assist. My mother was being abused mentally and physically. When I came to your office I was worn out and frustrated because I felt I was helpless and getting nowhere. Your team immediately stepped in and truly came to my rescue. I have received assistance far greater that I expected. Your services have been a real bargain. I can’t thank you all enough. I am ever so grateful for your caring and compassion. I would highly recommend your services to anyone.” Mr. P. Bishop

Your nurse anticipated my emotional needs and I felt as if I had a long time friend at my side. Ms. Sames

“I want to thank you so much for coming to the rescue when I was beyond reason late one evening. …I had the comfort of knowing (my husband) was well tended his last day. Ms. Dean”

"I am a senior citizen by a large number and my advocates are 2000+ miles away. I am grateful your services exist. It provides some peace of mind.” R. Hathoway

The fact was that the Patient Care Advocates nurse was there when I arrived at the hospital. She was able to explaoin to me everyting that was going on. Mrs. H. Ward

“I am a 91 year old widow. When hospitalized, I need, by my side, an advocate and you supply that need. I would hire you again for the security and know-how you offer.” M. Lessels

I wanted to let you and your staff know how much their care of mother meant to us in a difficult time. Your compassion and flexibility were greatly appreciated and helped ease our minds the past few months. Please feel free to use us as references if needed. Regards, Darrel H.

"I want to thank you once again for the superior service you provided. I recently had the opportunity to be present for an initial evaluation conducted by Patient Care Advocates for one of our clients. Your immediately established rapport with our patient and set her distraught family at ease. Ms. R. explained the services you provide assured our clients that the caregiver assigned would be matched to the patient’s needs and would be able and willing to perform tasks besides direct patient care to help the family in a number of practical ways. That day had been a difficult one for my clients and Ms. R. previewed the professionalism and reassurance they needed. Thank you again for your prompt and compassionate response to an urgent care giving need for our clients. It is a pleasure to collaborate with you and your staff.” L. Daniels, M.S.W

Ms. Guerra thought our Physical Therapist was an exceptional employee "for patience, kindness and toughness when needed so I would do the exercises correctly and get the most benefit from them."

I am writing in reference to your outstanding employees. Your staff showed professionalism from the moment they entered my mother’s home, their assessment and communication skills with the patient and family were excellent. I applaud you for your compassionate and loving care given to my mother. I have enclosed letters of recommendations for each of your staff, and would be most appreciative if you should share my heartfelt thanks. Sincerely, Nancy

Thank you all for making mom’s passing very peaceful and giving us the strength to carry on in her final days. YOU’RE THE BEST!" Vicki, Melinda, & Linda

When asked what he liked best about our services, Mr. Palomino said, "Everything." He said our nurse "was the most kind, considered, and caring person with everyone around her."

"Patient Care Advocates is a caring, ethical and efficient group and that is not easy to find." Mr and Ms. Cammiso (They also "congratulate the VA on its excellent choice of adding Patient Care Advocates" to VA services.)

“I feel very confident about my medical needs knowing they will be met.” Mrs. Pardi

“I would have felt very alone without the presence of Patient Care Advocates’ nurse.” Mrs. S.

“Good care. Prompt. Friendly. Knowledgeable nurses.” Mr. K.

"The clinicians were calm, caring and efficient. I felt confident in their care." Ms. Shively

In evaluating our employees, Mr. N.A. really appreciated our physical therapist “because he was gentle, nice, respectful, and the service and attention were excellent.”

Mr. N.D. thought his therapist was “gentile but firm” and he got better because of it.

“My mother did show more enthusiasm and physical strength than she had prior. My mother and I looked forward to the Physical Therapist coming. He made the P.T. fun and also had a sense of accomplishment and learning.” Ms. A. VA.

"Ms. K is fantastic and was very helpful in my recovery. She always listened to my concerns and adjusted my Physical Therapy routine accordingly." Mr. Thompson

“Thanks for being there for me when I was trying to help my Uncle in his last days. My Aunt and cousins were so grateful for your help and the kindness of the caregivers. You guys are the best!” Mrs. L. Israel

“Thanks for being there.” T.S.

“You placed a caregiver in my mother’s home as her healthcare attendant following a devastating hospital experience. Following a brief yet detailed report of my mother’s healthcare needs, she cared for my mother with undivided attention. Professional at all times, she showed excellent communications skills with my mother and family. Her nursing care and compassion extended to all in her presence.” Ms. Rommel

C. is an exceptional person. He takes his job very seriously and has a special way of communicating with his patient. We know that mom felt very comfortable with C. The compassion he felt and care he extended to our mom was awe inspiring to see. He is a true gem for the patients, their family and your organization. Treasure him!

“To the Wonderful Staff: Thank you for the good care you gave to my husband during his final days. You were all so very professional and supportive to me and my family.” Mrs. Hirsch

"You are professional, on time, patient and know what you’re doing." Mr. Lopez

“You are so wonderful with my dad! I can’t thank you enough! I loved your common sense approach to his care and your appreciation of the importance to him of his appearance. Your patience and meticulous care was so important to all of us. Thank you with all my heart. We were so fortunate to have you in his life for so long.” M.J. Westwater

“I had a large wound on my back which was difficult to deal with. Your staff took care of business. What you did for me couldn’t have been done any other way and I thank you.” T.K.

“You could not have done a thing better. The staff was loving and caring; they took good care of me and were right there. The meals were great too!” Mrs. Moffet

"I liked best that you were prompt and efficient, friendly, courteous and professional, and very good listeners. " Anonymous

What services were most important to Dom C.? “Gaining back my strength, personal care, being able to get out of the house again, and relief for my family caregiver.”

For J.A., the most important services were: “Evaluation of my situation and working with my abilities, mental and physical. Getting my necessary products to aid me in my every day activities.”

“Hard-working, good people, conscientious, very good to me and my mother.” Mr. G.F.

“The people are flexible to my needs. I particularity like B’s help with my shower and cooking. The physical therapy will get me going again and my caregiver improves on how I feel.” B.F.

“The therapist worked with the strength I had each day. With gentle ‘push’ we accomplished more than I thought we could/would some days.”

We did not have the opportunity to meet the night shift, as we were home in bed knowing that the constant care mom was given was of the utmost importance to you and you were there for her every need.

“Dear Life Savers,
I have not forgotten about writing a letter regarding our loving care from you all. As soon as we settle into a routine, I am going to forward a letter to you about the wonderful care and love we receivecd from all of you. Thank you more than words can express.” V. McCarty”