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We have been serving, caring for, and loving our community for 12 years.

We are proud to care for our Veterans. These services are paid for by the V.A.


We provide care for a wide range of medical conditions. Some examples are diabetes, diseases, infections, care needed as a result of surgery, injuries, and wound care. We also help you with your medications, regularly re-evaluate your medical needs, and provide you with preventative and rehabilitative nursing and therapy. Our team of experts is comprised of Physical Therapists, Registered Nurses, Occupational Therapists, Social Workers, Certified Nursing Assistants and Speech Language Pathologists.

What we do for our clients?
Registered Nurses conduct in-depth medical assessments of clients and then tailor their services to meet client.

Physical Therapists help clients with their rehabilitative needs and potential, range of motion, balance, strength, and endurance. They also help clients with home safety.

Pictures of my dad.

Occupational Therapists help clients to restore their ability to care for themselves, increase their motor skills and help with cognition (reasoning and judgment).

Social Workers help clients cope with issues in their daily lives. They also help clients find needed community resources such as financial assistance and meal service.

Speech Pathologists help with swallowing difficulties, speech problems, voice disorders, and non-vocal communication device training.

We also provide private caregiver services
and patient/hospital advocacy